SPIKED Extreme Sports promote a healthy lifestyle through participation in extreme sports.


2009 saw the launch of the highly anticipated multi extreme sports lifestyle magazine, with a key focus on encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle and build confidence through extreme sports.

The multi extreme sports magazine, covers all and any extreme sport as well as any other sport that challenges the interest of the reader; from skateboarding to kite surfing, mountain biking to base jumping, climbing to MMA, roller blading to free running.

Research shows that people who participate in sport are usually involved in 2 or 3 sports, so a multi extreme sports focus has filled a huge gap in the market, as most magazines only cover one specific discipline.

The magazine has reached a huge audience in only 6 months since it’s launch, with an estimated readership of 30,000 readers across the UK.  This continues to grow by the week.

SPIKED have now fully endorsed the Powerbalance product, so look out for us in the next edition of the SPIKED multi extreme sports lifestyle magazine, available in November.

For further info go to http://www.getspiked.co.uk/