THE FOLLOWING WEBSITES/RETAILERS ARE NOT AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTORS OF POWER BALANCE PRODUCTS. (certain sellers including a company passing themselves of as SPLENDID DISTRIBUTION) - - - The Pound Shop - The 99p Shop - Convent Garden and other Markets - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Due to the worldwide success of the Power Balance product and brand, there are a number of companies and individuals who are exploiting this by importing, marketing and selling counterfeit Power Balance products or products that look very similar to Power Balance which is commonly referred to as 'Passing-off'. This ranges from online websites and auction sites, to high street retailers and people selling at markets, shows and even high profile exhibitions.

Each Power Balance country are doing their utmost to combat this counterfeit trade and below are some guidelines for both the consumer and trade customers as well as exhibition organisers.

How to spot a fake!

In general if you are offered one for significantly less than the RRP of £29.99 then there is likely to be something wrong. Even if they say it is a ‘special show price’ please be wary

All retailers have ‘authorised stockist’ posters and door stickers

Look at the overall appearance of the product and packaging

Ask them for the sellers name, address, phone number and/or business card so you have some come-back should you wish to return the product. Do not accept our head office details as contact information. If they do not want to provide this then do not purchase

Ask the seller who supplies the product. If they say direct from the factory, or China or the USA then walk away. All approved stockists obtain their product from PB UK or an approved UK wholesaler. They should be able to supply you with a quick and concise answer

It is important to remember that the majority of the counterfeit products DO NOT WORK and we can identify a fake in seconds

How to report a fake

If you have any doubt, or wish to report a suspect seller, please call the Power Balance Head Office on 0844 770 4099 or email This is a confidential email address that is only accessed by the Power Balance legal representatives.

Counterfeit Websites

PB UK do not supply to any websites located outside of the UK selling into the UK. Simply look for their company name, address and phone number. If you cannot easily find this then DO NOT PURCHASE. Even if the website looks professional don’t be fooled. ALL WEBSITES have to show their full company details including their UK registration number. They should also be contactable by phone

Do not order from any website that has the words POWER or BALANCE or BANDS in the website name (apart from this website). These are potentially fraudulent

EBAY - NONE of the sellers on EBay are authorised and are acting fraudulently. In most cases the products are counterfeit and DO NOT WORK.

AMAZON – There are legitimate re-sellers selling on Amazon for the RRP of £29.99. If the price is significantly lower than this they are more than likely unauthorised and possibly counterfeit.

Trade Retailers

If you think you may have been supplied product from someone who you suspect is not authorised, please contact us.

Regardless of whether you are an existing stockist of PB, we offer incentives to anyone reporting a retailer that is stocking potentially counterfeit products.

Exhibition and Show Organisers

There are a number of individuals purporting to be associated with, or representing Power Balance. PLEASE can we ask you contact us on before accepting a booking as you are potentially exposing your event to the illegal distribution of counterfeit goods.